About us

When we opened MAC Cleaning we launched our service intent on making a difference. Anyone can clean a window but we wanted to do something different. Our main aim always has been to provide high quality window cleaning services to our customers in Luton, Bedfordshire and surrounding areas. The way we wanted to be different was to make our interaction with you as simple as possible. We knew that one of the best ways we could do this was by simply being reliable! Over the years we have attracted a large number of our client base simply by being the window cleaning company that doesn’t disappear all of a sudden. 

We wanted to be professional, to promote trust, as we believe that by us being professional not only would it help you, but it would help us. You want us to be reliable, and we are a business so we want our customers to be reliable to, mutually beneficial to each other. Little things like being uniformed, a text the night before so you know when we are coming, clear agreements on price, moving away from cash to just card and online payments, all this has helped promote trust and friendship with our customers, and has made our window cleaning service more efficient and constantly in demand. 

During our many years window cleaning this is a service that we have enhanced again and again and again. We use the highest quality products to give you the best clean possible. We have invested the reach and wash system for window cleaning, so we can stay safe at ground level, while cleaning windows up to 60ft high. Purified water means an incredibly thorough clean, leaving the windows sparking and letting the water dry streak free. 

Over time and as a result of our brilliant window cleaning service we have been able to increase the amount of services we are able to provide. We now provide gutter clearing services from the ground, using the revolutionary sky vac to clear gutters from the safety of the ground, up to 40ft high.  

We are able to clean all the pvc areas of your home, from gutters, fascias and soffits, to conservatory roofs, cladding and even caravans! Generally we believe in using as few chemicals as possible, but the chemicals we use for this type of cleaning are all eco friendly. 

We are constantly improving and refining our services. We are very grateful to our customers for how you have helped us to improve, and look forward to working with new customers as well in the future.