Gutter clearing

The gutters are often the forgotten job in a house. You may be surprised to look up at your guttering one day and see what resembles a small garden in your gutters! Our team are able to clear this safely and efficiently, using specialist equipment from the safety of the ground. Book your appointment with us today!

gutter clearing before luton

The importance of gutter cleaning

Guttering is an integral part of your home. It controls the water flow of rain giving it somewhere to go when it comes off the roof. It is important to have the gutters cleared fairly regularly because a build up of dirt in the gutter can lead to leaks over the top of the gutter onto the floor, and often down the back of the gutter into the roof and walls of your property.  If a buildup of dirt is left in the gutters it can cause damage to the guttering, causing it to separate and leak, and in some cases break and need to be replaced.

How to do it?

Some people are able to clear their own gutters, depending on access. For most people  it involves getting up a ladder and clearing any debris out by hand. Being up a ladder lifting dirt out of a gutter is absolutely NOT a recommended method as it is not the safest way to do it, especially if you are not used to regularly climbing ladders. Added to this, most people don’t have time with their busy work schedules to do a dirty job like this, so why not get in touch with us and let us do it for you?

Photo by Johnrob/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Johnrob/iStock / Getty Images

gutter clearing after luton

How we clean gutters?

We have invested in specialist equipment to enable us to clear all dirt from the gutters, from the safety of the ground. We use a professional gutter clearing machine, which is essentially like a hoover on steroids. Connected to the machine are high quality modular carbon fibre poles. This  enables us to clear gutters up to 4 floors high. All we need is a plug to power it and all dirt from your gutters can safely and effectively be removed.  

Gutters should ideally be cleared once or twice a year. Some properties require it less, and some more, dependent on location etc.