window cleaning

Window cleaning luton before

We use the reach and wash system to leave your windows with the best clean possible. Using this method we are able to clean windows up to a height of 60 feet!

We clean the windows from the safety of the ground using a carbon fibre telescopic pole. Pure water is pumped up through the pole into the brush which is used on the window to agitate the dirt and take it away. The windows are then rinsed down with more pure water to complete the clean and left to dry. This can take anything from 5 minutes to an hour depending on the weather. The windows are left with a streak free finish thanks to the water used. 

window cleaning after luton

By using this method we are able to work safely and eliminate the need for ladders. All frames and sills are included as standard in the price you are given, and are cleaned every time. 

But you might wonder what we mean pure water? Well the area that we live in is a hard water area. This means there is a build up of solids and contaminants in the water. This is why if you spray the water from your outside tap onto the windows and leave it to dry there will be water marks. It’s the solids that cause this. We take this water straight from the tap, and pump it through a series of filters to remove all the dirt from it. In Luton the water is anything from between 300-400 parts per million of solids in the water. After being put through the filters the water is down to around 9-10 parts per million. This is a significant improvement but in order to make sure that the water used on your windows is the highest quality possible the water is then pumped through a de ionisation vessel which contains resin that polishes the water leaving it at 0 parts per million of solids/ contaminants in the water. So there you go, a geeky lesson in the ins and outs of window cleaning made simple.